Wooden Building Sets

Thinker Linkers Building Sets come in a variety of configurations.  Use the Guide to Wooden Building Pieces below in order to get acquainted with what each piece looks like, then view the list of included pieces for each set in order to find the best option for you.  Each set comes with a sturdy wooden storage chest, all natural oil wax finish, and free shipping. 

Murrah - 05.jpg

Guide to Wooden Building Pieces


Click on the name of a set below to find out which Thinker Linkers pieces are included.


Junior Sets:


Original Thinker Linker Sets:


If you'd like to purchase a Choose-Your-Own Custom Set or add-on components, we're happy to accommodate.  We can make Thinker Linker pieces up to 4 feet long!  Please contact us for more information.