What ages are Thinker Linkers recommended for?

Thinker Linkers are fun for all ages, but they're especially good for kids ages 3 to 10 years-old.

Can I mix and match sets?

Yes.  All Thinker Linkers work together, so you can purchase a variety of sets and add-ons as you build your collection.

Can I order a custom set?

Yes.  If you have something specific in mind that doesn't match up with our packaged sets, you can create your own custom set or add-ons.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Are Thinker Linkers safe?

Yes.  We use high quality, smooth wood and we take special care to round off corners so little fingers don't get pinched or splintered.  Both our wood and our finishing products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  If you or your child have special concerns or sensitivities, please ask us for a materials safety data sheet.

Are Thinker Linkers made in the USA?

Yes.  Thinker Linkers are fabricated in Durham, North Carolina by Thomas Murrah of Murrah Woodcraft. 

Is shipping included with my purchase?

Yes.  Standard ground shipping is free on all Thinker Linkers building sets.  For custom sets and add-ons, please ask us for a shipping quote.

How do I find out if there is a Thinker Linkers exhibit in my area?

You may view our published Museums and Events to find out if there is a Thinker Linkers exhibit in or coming to your area.  If you have a new museum or event to suggest, please get in touch.

Where can I share photos of my child's Thinker Linkers creation?

We'd love to see photos of the things your child builds with Thinker Linkers.  Please send your photos to hello@thinkerlinkers.com for inclusion in our Gallery, or post them to the wall of our Facebook page.